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Overview of the recruitment cycle

The recruitment cycle goes as follows:

ENDP in partnership with the private companies identifies job opportunities suitable and
attractive to Nationals.
ENDP recruitment manager reviews the resumes of Nationals and sorts them into different
categories by experience, education level, background and interest.
ENDP recruitment manager matches the Nationals’ to the job opportunities, and prepares
a list of all Nationals for each job opportunity available.
ENDP recruitment manager communicates the lists of Nationals and their resumes to the
companies offering the jobs.
ENDP recruitment manager will follow up with the Nationals and the companies to support
both sides in successfully recruiting as many Nationals as possible.

Submit your CV

ENDP will study the files of National jobseekers databases and assess and classify the levels of skills and education they have.

Then ENDP will assign Nationals to the training programmes necessary to provide them with the knowledge and skills required by the private sector.

Among the benefits ENDP provides to Nationals who register and submit their CVs, is to match their profiles (accomplishments, experience, interests) to a suitable company and job opportunity.

Success Story

"The private sector is my ticket to the world"

Marwa Al Felasi
Branch Manager
Dubai Bank

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