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Eight tips to keep your resumé concise:
Try not to repeat the information you mention on
your resumé
  If you face a case where you have performed the same or similar job tasks for more
than one employer, try not to repeating the same job duties, instead, focus on your
accomplishments in each position.
Avoid mentioning old/outdated experience
  Usually, an employers is mostly interested in what you did recently. If you have
been working for over 20 years, try to focus on the last 10 to 15 ones. If it’s
important to mention your early career because it helps your current goal, then
make sure you do that briefly and without including details.

For example:
Early Career: Dubai Airport—Customs department -- Dubai, UAE
-- Assistant Duty Manager, 1980-1985.
Never mention irrelevant Information
  It is not advised to list hobbies and personal information unless it ads value to
the required business skills.
Summarize your job duties instead of detailing them
  Many job seekers can summarize un-needed information of their resumes simply by
removing long descriptions of job duties or responsibilities. It is advised to create a
paragraph that briefly highlights the scope of your responsibility and then provide a
list of your most impressive accomplishments.
Don’t use the "References Available Upon Request."
  This will only cause wasting a valuable last line of the resume. This information is
obvious and no need to mention it in a statement. Remove it.
Use a Telegraphic Writing Style
  Don’t use personal pronouns and minimize the use of articles such as (a, an, the)
Remove or edit unnecessary words
  Remove or/and edit unnecessary phrases from your resume. Phrases such as
"responsible for" or "duties include" are obvious. The reader understands you
were responsible for the tasks listed on your resume.
Make sure your resume is customized for a specific
job that you are targeting
  Only relevant information should be included. Information which is relevant to the
specific goal of the job you are applying for. This is particularly important for job
seekers who are in between jobs and need to focus on transferable skills and
deemphasize unrelated career accomplishments.
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