Come Together
Get prepared for your interview with these handy tips:
Try to talk to people who have worked, or currently work, at the company. Note how they dress and behave
Learn the name and title of the person you'll be meeting with. Arrive at least 10 minutes early to collect your thoughts
Take time to greet and acknowledge the secretary or administrative assistant. Not only is courteous, this person may have also have a lot of influence
Bring an extra resume and letters of recommendation
Be open and positive. Face your interviewer with a relaxed, easy posture. Smile and look the interviewer in the eye
Know the company's business, target clients, market and direction
Prepare a few relevant questions beforehand, and listen carefully throughout
Give the impression that you're already part of the team by subtly using the word "we" when asking about the company. For example, say, "How do we maximize growth?"
Conclude with a positive statement and a quick, firm handshake. Ask when you might follow up, and get a business card from the interviewer
Send a thank-you note
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