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During the recruitment cycle,
ENDP recruitment manager
matches the Nationals’ to the
job opportunities, and prepares
a list of all Nationals for each
job opportunity available.
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Al Gergawi: Dubai Crown
Prince orders to bring together
all national resources required
to ensure the immediate
implementation of the newly
launched "Emirates Nationals
Development Program".
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Success Stories
Gerald Lawless Edward B. Quinlan
Gerald Lawless Edward B. Quinlan
“The UAE economy is growing so
dynamically and so rapidly that we’ll need
all the human resources we can get to work
within our industries.

We want Nationals to join our private sector,
and we want them to be as motivated and
satisfied as their colleagues. I personally
believe strongly in their ‘can do’ attitude,
and believe that they’ll give their utmost in
development at work, as well as their
personal growth.”

“Recruiting Nationals in private companies
makes good business sense.

An audit company such as Ernst and Young,
which has been in the region for almost
85 years, understands both profit and loss.
To us, it makes good practical business
sense to recruit and train Nationals.
In addition, our non-National staff benefit
tremendously from the opportunity to work
with and learn from our National staff.”

Gerald Lawless
Edward B. Quinlan
Managing Partner
Ernst & Young